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Al-Modarrib Training Institute provides you with its offer on the training program at all its branches around Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In accordance with Saudi labor market, the establishments and companies seek to employ national manpower of a high degree of training and experience to upgrade its production efficiency and to attain the safe range that meets its labor size set by Saudi labor act  and to get use of the awards and services offered to it within that range. We have worked on the training program that guarantee to your organization many privileges, of them:

Upgrade of organization’s production capacity through provision of high experience in both theoretical and practical fields.

Upkeep of the organization within the Top Green Range and to make use of the services given within that range.

On-job training that meets the organization’s  needs and raise the level of qualification of its workers.


The Program Mechanism

The mechanism of the program works as follows


A contract shall be signed between the company and the institute through which the solicitation and supply of trainees will be done within standard time in collaboration with a national recruitment company, and to train the trainees within the agreed period of time and as per the company’s need to qualify its staff.    

A contract shall be signed between the company and the trainees.

After signing the contract between the company and the trainee, the company can directly register the trainee with the General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI).

By this, the company can maintain its safe range, make use of the privileges provided by the government to trainees and acquire highly qualified national staff.

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